What Is Podcast, Why and How? Complete information

Many people nowadays upload their videos to YouTube.

Moreover, many people publish articles, images, or other content on their blog sites.

But have you ever recorded your voice and uploaded or shared them on the Internet?

Didn’t? However, podcasting is what it means.

See how we share our knowledge, experiences, and judgments on our social media profile, blog, or YouTube channel,

In the same way, in podcasts, we share our judgments, ideas, knowledge, etc., with people through the Internet.

However, in podcasting, you have to record your voice and share or upload them.

And so, the issue of podcasting is slightly different from other platforms.

Podcasting is already done in various developed countries, and it is very popular there.

However, the issue of podcasts about India is new in some Asian countries.

So, if you don’t even know what a podcast is, then today’s article will come in handy.

What does a podcast mean?

When the question is, what is a podcast? Then the answer is very straightforward.

Any content that is created through the form of audio, that content can be called podcasting or Podcast.

You are currently reading this article about podcasts.

Because I have published the article in the form of text on my blog.

But if, I create this same article by recording voice through any “mobile” or “audio recorder” and share that voice file on the Internet,

Then that digital audio file will be called “podcast.”

So remember, Podcast is our discussion or conversation about any subject recorded as audio.

When we create content by recording it through voice, that voice content is called Podcast.

And, when you upload or share that Podcast or voice file on a platform on the Internet where many people will listen to your recorded audio file,

Then this process is called podcasting.

You can understand podcasting as your radio station.

How to start podcasting?

You see, we understand that a podcast means “a recorded audio file.”

However, we need a platform to share and upload our recorded audio files to the Internet.

There are so many podcasting platforms on the Internet that you can share your Podcast.

This allows other people to listen to your recorded audio or Podcast.

Here are some popular podcasting websites:

  • Anchor. FM
  • Podbean.com
  • Spreaker.com
  • Spotify.com
  • Radiopublic.com

You can use these online podcasting platforms for free.

You can record podcasts and distribute/share/upload them all in one place.

Moreover, if you have a WordPress website/blog,

Then you can create straight podcasts and upload them to your WordPress blog or website.

As such, the best platform to share podcasts is my “Google podcasts. “

What does it take to Podcast?

Since Podcast means your recorded audio file.

So, podcasting will take things related to your voice recording.

  • A good voice recorder.
  • A good quality mic (microphone).
  • The better and clearer the quality of your recorded voice, the more people will like your Podcast.

Remember, in this case; your content is your recorded audio.

Therefore, the quality of audio should not be compromised.

  • If you have good smartphone, you can use it as a voice recorder.
  • You will need quiet place to record podcasts.

A quiet place is needed in this case so that there is no background noise in the recorded audio file.

Moreover, it would help if you used a good audio editor.

In this way, the audio quality can be improved by removing the background noise of your audio file.

You can download and use Audacity. It’s a completely free and good audio editor.

What about creating a podcast?

You see, when you decide to record a podcast, you have to think about the Podcast beforehand.

Because you have to publish the podcasts from time to time.

So, if you create a podcast on an unknown topic, you will have a problem with the case in a few days.

Therefore, think carefully about what you are interested in.

When you create a podcast on a topic, you can provide a lot of information; you have experience and knowledge on a topic, you have to think about this.

That way, you can create podcasts on any topic.

Here are many popular topics that you can start a podcast on – 

  • Love story.
  • Motivational words or stories (motivational).
  • News (latest news).
  • Health. 
  • Technology.
  • Internet tips.
  • Entertainment.

There are also many more topics on which podcasts can be started.

What are the benefits of podcasting? (Advantages of podcasting)

Just as blogging or YouTube has its benefits, so too can podcasting.


Be able to create your brand.

When people like listening to your uploaded podcasts, they will come back to listen to your new podcasts.

This way, you can create a good image or brand on the Internet.

People will recognize you and like you through your podcasts.

Make money by podcasting.

Hey, it’s possible to make money through podcasting.

You can use different ways to earn money.


  • Sponsorship 
  • Monthly subscription model 
  • Direct promotion 

Let’s straightforwardly know the issues.


When your Podcast has a large number of listeners, you can earn money through support.

This process of making money from podcasting is very popular and straightforward. You have to have plenty of userbases.

Companies will ask you to tell your listeners about their products or services. In contrast, companies will pay you.

This is sponsorship.

Monthly Subscription Model

In this case, you can earn money by publishing your podcasts as paid.

That means you can keep some of your podcasts for free.

And, tell your listeners that if they want to hear more of your podcasts, they need a monthly subscription plan.

Suppose you have a monthly subscription plan of 100 rupees for your podcasts.

So if only 300 people buy a monthly subscription to your Podcast, then 100 X 300 = 30,000 rupees a month.

This model of making money through podcasting is great.

Direct promotion  

When you have a large userbase or listeners, you can earn money by direct advertising various products, websites, blogs, or businesses.

In this case, you need to find some good clients or companies to promote their products in your podcasts.

What is the future of podcasting?

Nowadays, the topic of podcasting has become a new topic among people to make money online.

So, if your listeners have a good userbase,

Then it is possible to earn good money by podcasting.

In addition, various podcasting platforms promote ads in your podcasts, and in return, you can earn income.

So, there are benefits in this case.

Now, if we talk about the future of podcasting,

So, its future is bright.

Because, in today’s Internet and digital world, we don’t like to acquire knowledge about anything later.

So, we prefer to take knowledge from the Internet by watching videos.

But, as a result of podcasting, you don’t have to take knowledge by watching or reading anything.

In this case, we can know anything about anything just by listening.

Whether it’s entertainment or stories, I can have fun just listening to anything through podcasting.

So, there are many potentials to increase the circulation and use of podcasts in the coming time.

Its future is as good as mine.

What did we learn today?

So friends, today we know what Podcast is or what is Podcast.

Moreover, its benefits and how to do podcasts? We also talked about these issues.

This is what I always try to do to give you completely accurate and working information.

So, you have any kind of questions related to today’s article about podcasts; please comment below.

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