What Is IP Address? Its Work, Version and Types

What is an IP address? Its work, version and different types: Friends, if you are currently using the Internet then you have heard the word “IP address” at least once.

An IP address used in every case of a smartphone or computer.

The full form of IP address is “Internet Protocol Address. “

However, with this “internet protocol address,” people often say “IP number” or “internet address. “

Now the question is, “What does Internet Protocol Address mean?”

I will tell you everything one by one in today’s article.

However, let us know in detail below “What is an IP address,” What are the rules for finding your IP address, “What is the function of Internet Protocol,” and “What are the versions and types of IP address.”

What is an IP address? 

Whenever we use the Internet, we exchange different data and information from other server computers.

In most cases, when using the Internet, we receive the data associated with any website from the website’s main server on our mobile or computer.

And after receiving the data from the website’s servers, we can see that website and its contents.

For example,

When you watch video on YouTube, you receive data and information related to the video from YouTube’s server on your device via the Internet.

Now, to receive data & information from YouTube’s server to our computer, YouTube’s server will need an address.

Because in this web of the Internet, that server of YouTube for providing data will never find our “computer device” without a proper address.

And, when using the Internet, these “addresses” in each of the “devices” are called “IP Address” or “Internet protocol address.”

With the IP address, it is possible to find the address of the device you are using on the huge web of the Internet.

And, after finding the address, different web servers can exchange additional files, data, or information according to the address of your computer that is active on the Internet.

And as a result, you can view and use the information or data associated with different websites.

This IP address serves as your identity card on the Internet.

It is some four-digit number like “”.

And all the data you are transferring/receiving on the Internet, each through this “ip address.”

Because as I said before, an IP address is your identity and address on the Internet.

To give an example again,

You may have heard many times that due to uploading some offensive pictures or videos on various social media websites on the Internet, some people have been arrested by the police.

Have you heard?

Now the question is how? How did the police find out who among the billions of Internet users did this?

The answer is “via the IP address of the uploaded person.”

As I said before, an IP address is the identity or address of the internet user.

And, every device (mobile or computer) using the Internet has an Internet Protocol (IP).

And so, when they uploaded the image or video, that data was transferred through their IP address.

As a result, police officers have able to catch them much more easily.

So, never think that “no one can find you on the internet or know about you.”

Just as you have an address in your personal life, so does the Internet network used on your device.

So, do you understand “IP address”?

What is an IP address? (Technically)

An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label used for any device or computer connected to a “computer network “using the “Internet Protocol” for communication. 

Thus, an IP address can easily be called “IP.”

Labels of these numbers in numerical form act as a unique address through which “devices” using “internet” or “local network” can be found.

If you use the “Internet” on your computer or mobile, your ISP (internet service provider) will also give you an IP address.

Then I hope you understand what is “Internet Protocol“.

What is the rule to find out your IP address?

Above, we understand the importance of IP address and why IP address is used.

Now, we need to know how to find out the IP address of our computer, mobile, or laptop.

However, the process of finding your IP address is much simpler.

Come on in, take a look.

The way to know the Internet Protocol address can be done through me in two special ways.

  • Through internet search.
  • Via the Windows command prompt.

How to find the IP address by searching the Internet?

Below I will tell you three processes to find the IP of any device.

The first process 

  • Step 1: Open any “web browser” on the device you are trying to find out the IP address.
  • Step 2: Now, you go to the Google search website by typing “Google.com” from the web browser.
  • Step 3: You need to type a sentence into Google search.

And, the term is “what is my IP. “

This time, Google will show you the “public IP” of the device you are using.

Using this process, you can know the “public IP address” of your computer, mobile, or laptop.

The second process 

  • Step 1: Open a “Web browser” from the device, trying to find out the IP information of the computer or mobile.
  • Step 2: Now, you have to go to the website “whatismyipaddress.com.”
  • Step 3: As soon as you visit the website, you will be shown complete information about your IP address.


  • Your public IP address.
  • IPS (using a company’s Internet).
  • Region (where your device is).
  • Country (IP address is in which country).

So, you can get the complete information from this website.

The third process 

We will learn how to find out the IP address using the windows command prompt in this process.

  • Step 1: You have to search by typing “CMD” in the “Search Box” in front of the “Windows logo” of your computer.
  • Step 2: Now you will see an icon at the command prompt. Go to that icon, right-click on your mouse and click on the “run as administrator “option.
  • Step 3: Now, the “command prompt” will start on your computer. After the command prompt starts, type “ipconfig” using the computer keyboard and press “Enter.”
  • Step 4: Now you can see the “IPV 4” and “IPV6” addresses of your computer inside your command prompt dialog box.

So friends, this way, you can easily find the IP address of your device.

IP address version

We will talk about different versions of the Internet Protocol below.

There are two versions of the IP address.

  • IPV4
  • IPV6


The fourth version of IPV is “IPV4,” which was first developed in 1983.

Using this fourth version of IP, it is possible to find the active devices in a network.

These “IPV4” works by using some “addressing system.”

IPv4 is a 32-bit binary number.

Some of these IPv4 addresses look like “192.18.954.1“.

This IP version may contain only the association amount of IP addresses.


The most uptodate version of the Internet Protocol is IPv6.

In this modern version of IP, multiple IP addresses can be created.

IPv6 is a 128 bit IP address.

Only numbers are used for IPv4 addresses.

However, IPV6 is the “alphanumeric addressing system” used by numbers and the English alphabet.

The IP6 version was introduced in 1995.

IP version 6 looks like ” 2673: 8763: 57f: 4897: 092j: v2fe: 8hj9: 95jh “.

Then you understand the different versions of the IP address.

Hope you understand.

What is the function of an IP address?

I am simply answering this question.

The function of the Internet Protocol address (IP address) is,

Helping your computer device to connect to various other computer devices operating on a computer network.

Suppose you are using the Internet.

Now, going to any website means accessing the data and files of that website through the internet network, connecting to the server computer of the website.

In this case, this IP address helps your local computer device connect to other computing devices via a shared network.

Because, through the IP address, a computer device active in the shared network can find another computer device.

Moreover, these IP addresses help find the address of a “hardware device” using any computer network.

So, to say the work of IP address, these two main functions of these Internet protocols.

Types of Internet Protocol (IP)

There are two types of IP addresses.

  1. Private IP address
  2. Public IP address

Private IP address

Within a local network, a “private IP address” is used to connect different computer devices.

This type of private IP address is the device’s IP address connected to your home network or business network.

Personally, when two or more devices are connected to a cable network or wifi network, a network address is created between those devices, called a “private IP address.”

These private IP addresses are saved for internal use in a router or network address translation (NAT).

Devices outside of your home network will not be able to access these “Private IP addresses.”

Public IP address 

In the case of each user, this public IP address will be different.

These types of IP addresses are provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you have a home o r business network, these private addresses are mainly used to use the internet network.

Hopefully, you understand the different types of Internet Protocols correctly.

What did we learn today?

So friends, today we have learned about “what is IP address ” version of IP address and different types.

Besides, I have also told you today about some rules for finding your IP address.

Hopefully, I have been able to give you all the important information about the IP address in the right way.

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