How to make money by creating apps?

Many people are now looking at making money by creating a mobile app ( Create an App and Make money). 

So, there are many way to make money on the Internet, and I have written many articles on this website.

But when it comes to making money by creating apps, the way or process is a bit different. 

There are many way to make money by creating a website; there are many ways to develop apps. 

At present, when everyone has a smartphone, we use a mobile app for any service, big or small.

We use complex and advanced mobile applications ranging from simple gaming apps.

And whenever we use any app (apps) on our mobile, the app owner continues to earn money through those apps.

Think about it, if at least 20 people are using the app you created on their mobile and earning at least 10 rupees every day from each user, your total income will be 200,000 / – per month.

This is one example of how I tried to convince you that the more people who use the apps you create, the more opportunities you have for your income.

And so, nowadays, more and more people are interested in making an income by creating apps.

Thus, people who create apps can earn money in different ways.

If you want, you can easily create an app and earn money from there. 

If you’re going to, we direct Jenenina, ” App on how to create ” and ” App What a way to generate revenue .”

How to create an Android app?

Nowadays, creating an Android app is not a big deal, and you can easily create an app.

Remember that to earn income from apps; you first have to create your apps. 

If you search in Google you find many different free app builder platforms/websites to create apps for free.

Also, if you want to make a professional android app with complete planning, you can contact a good app developer and create a professional app with some money.

Lastly, if you want to create an Android app yourself, you will find many tutorials on YouTube that will help learn how to create an app.

Below I will tell you the names of some of the best android application builder sites through which you can create an app without any coding.


You can learn how to create apps using the websites given above by watching the video tutorial on YouTube.

Publish the created app

After creating the app ultimately, now you have to publish that app.

Because, if you do not publish your app in a popular app store active on the Internet,

Then more and new people will not know about the app you have created.

Even if your app is good, no one can download it.

So, you need to create your publisher account in a famous android app store like the Google play store.

To create a publisher account, you need to go to the Google play console, fill up some vital information, and pay 1500 rupees to Google.

Now you can publish your Android app in the Google play store.

Millions of people worldwide come to the google play store to download various apps to their mobile phones.

So, there are many opportunities to download and use the apps you create from here.

In addition, you can promote your created apps on different social media platforms and get new users.

How to make money by creating apps? Six ways of income

After doing everything, now our last job is to Earn money with the created Android app.

In this case, you can use different ways to earn money.

1. Advertisement 

If many people are downloading your app and using it on their mobile, then making money through advertisements will be the easiest and most profitable way for you.

Nowadays, most people are earning thousands of rupees every day by showing ads in their apps.

In the case of the ads shown Apps, Google Admob is used, although other fields of advertisement company’s developers said.

When you add ads to your apps, app users will see some ads in the app from time to time.

And, whenever the user clicks on those ads, you can earn money.

You often do not click on the ads (ads), but you will get money only for an ad impression.

So, if you use any apps nowadays, you will see ads there.

Because it is straightforward to show ads, it is possible to earn more money from the app in less time.

You can also use some other third-party ad networks outside of Admob.


  • Facebook audience network
  • AppLovin
  • Vungle
  • AdColony
  • Appnext

2. In-App Purchases 

This revenue model, of course, earns a lot of money using a lot of app developers.

While using many types of apps, you are asked to buy some extra features or subscriptions in the app with some money.

You will also see lots of free android games, guns, characters, extra power, virtual currency, etc. are offered to buy with money.

In-app purchase is the process of purchasing these premium features and upgrading the app.

In-app purchase is a service where you can buy some extra features, subscriptions, or upgrades from an app for some money.

So, you can also add some advanced features to your app and keep some premium upgrade options.

Whenever the app users buy those extra features with some money, you will get money.

Many popular Android apps are earning a considerable amount of money through in-app purchases.

3. Subscription 

You may have seen many such android apps that first allow you to view or use some content for free,

However, when you interest in that app, you are asked to subscribe to access the app content completely with some money.

This subscription revenue model is mainly used in video streaming apps, tutorial apps, online courses, learning etc.

So, if you want, you can also allow the user to access some of the content in your app for free without any money or charge.

And, by accessing some free content, you can then ask users to subscribe with some money to access the entire app content.

If users value your free content and think that subscribing to paid content will benefit them, they will spend money to subscribe.

4. Affiliate marketing 

You may have heard a lot about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and effective ways to make money online.

This is a business model where you can earn commission by selling products or services of other companies.

To do affiliate marketing, you need to be affiliated with the affiliate program of one or more companies.

After joining a relevant affiliate program with your app, you can advertise the apps, products, or services of various other companies in your app.

And whenever a user clicks on the apps, products, or services you promote and buys them, you get paid.

Remember, after joining the affiliate program, you will be given a unique affiliate link to promote apps, products, or services.

And with that affiliate link, you have to share or attach it to your app.

5. Sponsorship 

If you have great app idea that will be very successful in the future, then you can find a sponsor for your app.

If you can find a sponsor for the app, you will continue to receive money monthly.

However, instead of taking money from the sponsor, you have to add some design and features in your app as a sponsor.

If you are going to create your app with a great and unique idea, there is a chance to get sponsorship.

There are, of course, many large companies that sponsor.

Sponsorship means you will be given all kinds of financial help to make the app a success.

However, before you get a sponsorship, you have to go to many companies and trust them and explain that your idea is excellent and unique, which will be successful in the future.

6. Referral Marketing 

Referral marketing is essential in making an income by creating apps, but not less. 

You may have used a lot of apps that pay you to refer, share and invite.

If a lot of people uses your apps, and you have an excellent large audience,

Then you can earn money from your app by promoting or referring any brand, product, or other apps. 

It can also be called a kind of affiliate marketing process.

However, here you do not have to join any affiliate program, and you have a contract or contact directly with the company.

Will Google pay us to install apps?

Many people think that Google app developers pay for downloading apps from the Google play store.

However, this is an entirely wrong idea.

Google does not charge any app developers for installing apps by the user.

Even if millions or billions of people have installed your apps, you will not get any money from Google.

The more people indeed download and install and use your apps, the more income you will have.

Because, in the case of making money by making an app, the ways I have mentioned above, 

Almost every app developer, using these ways to earn money from their apps. 

And, you can earn a lot of income through the said ways of payment only when more people use your apps.

With the Google play store, you can get new users for your app.

Users can download and use your app directly from the Play Store. 

However, it is entirely upto you to decide how to make money using the traffic in your app.

So friends, through today’s article we learned, how to Earn money by creating apps (How to earn money making apps).

The methods mentioned above are mainly used to make money by creating apps. 

So, if you also want to make money by creating your Android apps, then use the above ways.

I suggest you earn money by showing ads in your app through Google Admob

Because almost everyone is making income from their app very quickly through this. 

If you like making an income by creating your apps, you must share the article. 

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please let me know in the comments below.

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