How to earn money from Facebook videos

You may already be aware of the different ways to earn money from Facebook . At present, one of the best ways to earn money from Facebook is to earn money from Facebook videos. Facebook shows ads in videos posted from the page, and shares its revenue with creators. Facebook has named this page monetization model In-stream ads.

Let’s find out how to earn money through in-stream ads by uploading videos on Facebook page.

What is Facebook In-Stream Ad?

In-stream ads help creators make money by showing ads in videos. Basically a short video or picture is shown in the middle of the video as an ad. Facebook shares a portion of the proceeds from the ad featured in the video with the page owner or creator. (earn money from Facebook videos)

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When a viewer fully views the ad displayed in a video, he gets the creator revenue of that video. Since advertisers run ad campaigns targeting different types of audiences, different types of audiences can see different ads in the same video.

Types of in-stream ads

From the three types of in-stream ads, creators can choose what kind of ads they want to show in their videos. Let’s learn about three types of in-stream ads.

Pre-roll ed

Pre-roll ads are shown before the video plays. Since a user clicks on a video, this means that they must watch the video at the end of the ad. So this type of ad can be made very quickly. (earn money from Facebook videos)

Mid-roll ed

Mid-roll ads are shown in the middle of the video. If there is a natural break in the video, it is quite convenient to use this type of ad. Since most videos reach users through news feeds, Facebook recommends using mid-roll ads.

Image Ed

In the case of Image Ed, a still image is shown as an ad below the video. Image ads help generate revenue in videos that are difficult to provide mid-role ads (such as comedy videos).

Advantages of Facebook In-Stream Ad – A source of income from Facebook videos

There are many ways to monetize Facebook pages or earn money from Facebook. However, in-stream ads are more convenient when making money from Facebook videos.

Once a page is selected for monetization, then any original video of that page can be earned through ads. As a result, creators get a sustainable revenue model. (earn money from Facebook videos)

Also showing ad to viewers while watching videos but now quite a normal thing. Whether on TV or on YouTube, Ed is no stranger to current users while watching something. So it is possible to earn money from Facebook videos without interrupting the user experience by using Facebook in-stream ad.

Facebook in-stream ads can be set automatically or as an admin. If the creator wants, you can decide what kind of ad will be shown in any part of the video. Also, if you choose the automatic option, Facebook will automatically display the ad in the part of the video that it thinks is best to show the ad. (earn money from Facebook videos)

In other words, in the case of income from Facebook in-stream ads, a creator only needs to create good content and upload it. The rest of the aspects are taken care of by the Facebook authorities themselves.

Terms of Page Monetization – Prerequisites for revenue from Facebook videos

Only pages that are useful for Facebook in-stream ads will be able to use this feature. In-stream income must also be at least 18 years of age. There are several other conditions for earning money by showing ads on Facebook videos.

First of all, if you want to earn money from Facebook in-stream video, you must upload the video from a Facebook page . In other words, it is not possible to earn money from personal Facebook profiles or videos posted on Facebook groups. (earn money from Facebook videos)

Even if a page is useful for Facebook in-stream ads, monetization is not possible if the partner does not follow the monetization policy. Some notable partner monetization policies are:

  • In order to show ads in the video, you must watch the video from the Facebook platform
  • Only creators from countries that have the in-stream ad feature can monetize their pages
  • Content that contains hate speech, violent, sexualized or abusive content is not acceptable
  • Posting original content is mandatory, posting other people’s content will not be monetized
  • All engagements in the video must be original

Details are given on the Facebook Partner Policy page. You can visit the Facebook Partner Policy page to know more .

Then comes the question of whether the videos on a page deserve monetization. In order to get any page monetization, it is mandatory to have the following qualifications: (earn money from Facebook videos)

  • 800,000 minutes or more of video views in the last 60 days. This number is calculated excluding crossposted, boosted or paid watch time
  • The page must have at least 5 videos. These 5 videos can be normal videos or live videos
  • The page from which the video will be posted must have at least 10,000 followers.

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In addition, the length of the video must be at least one minute to get in-stream ad monetization. Although it is possible to show ads on videos that are less than three minutes long, Facebook recommends keeping the length of the video to at least three minutes. (earn money from Facebook videos)

Rules for applying Facebook Page Monetization

It is very easy to check whether the page is eligible for Facebook in-stream ad monetization. But before that, Facebook suggests to confirm the following issues. (earn money from Facebook videos)

  • Hire a financial admin who will take care of all the financial aspects of the page. You can add more than one financial admin if you want.
  • Page editors can edit or disable edits. You can add more than one editor to the page if you want.
  • Tax ID may be required. You can use your VAT number or tax ID provided by the government.
  • Collect your bank account number or international bank account number.
  • Fix your organization’s address, phone number and email address.

It is very easy to apply for in-stream ads. To apply for Facebook in-stream ad:

  • Enter Facebook Creator Studio
  • Click on the Monetization option in the menu on the left hand side
  • Now you can find out if your page is worthy of monetization
  • If your page is eligible for monetization, click Set Up
  • Select your page
  • Then click on Agree to Terms
  • Set up your payment account
  • Submit your page for review.

After submitting the page for monetization, Facebook accepts or rejects the monetization application through a process. This process is known as ‘In-Stream Ad Content Review Process’. (earn money from Facebook videos)

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In this process first the review request is accepted. Then the content of the applied page is reviewed. After fulfilling all the qualifications, the page is approved for monetization. (earn money from Facebook videos)

Rules for showing ads in videos on Facebook pages

If your page is eligible for in-stream ads, you can easily show the ads in any new or previous videos on the page. To show Ed in the video already published:

  • Enter Creator Studio
  • Click on Monetization
  • Click on In-stream ads
  • Select the video from the list that appears
  • Click Edit Video
  • Click on In-stream ads from Video Composer
  • Then put Ed at your convenience
  • Click Submit for review.

A relatively simple way to show ads in new videos. Upload videos of three minutes or more from Page’s Tools or from Creator Studio. Then choose automatic or manual placement and publish your video by putting ads. In this way, it is very easy to earn money by showing ads in new videos. (earn money from Facebook videos)

After receiving the monetization, multiple information including income information can be obtained from the published video from Creative Studio. 

By entering the Creator Studio, you can know the performance of the video and the income information from the ad displayed in the video. To find out more about Monetization, visit Creator Studio . (earn money from Facebook videos)

You will also find the same information on the in-stream ad landing page .

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